The ultimate guide to a South African safari in Kruger National Park

Feeling overwhelmed by all the possible choices, lodging, and information when searching for a South African safari? I was, too, when I researched how to do a safari in Kruger National Park. To save you headaches and help you plan easily, I’ve combined everything you need to know here, based on my research and recent […]

The 4 best eco hotels in Saigon 

Saigon (renamed Ho Chi Minh City after the Vietnam Civil War) is a food lover’s paradise. Known for its diverse and delicious food scene, Saigon manages to blend tradition and modern life in a way that celebrates the beautiful Vietnamese culture perfectly.  Also known for its history, French colonial architecture, shopping, and nightlife, Saigon turned […]

The best eco hotels in South Island, New Zealand, for all budgets

New Zealand’s South Island is abundant in gorgeous natural landscapes, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site Fiordland National Park (home to Milford Sound), mountains and glaciers like Aoraki (Mount Cook), and beautiful crystal-clear lakes like Lake Tekapo, Lake Wanaka, and Lake Wakatipu. I wish we had spent more time there because we barely scratched the […]

3 weeks in Vietnam: an eco-friendly itinerary from north to south

We spent 3 weeks in Vietnam, starting from Hanoi, exploring the northern area, and making our way down south. Below we lay out the perfect eco-friendly Vietnam itinerary for a 3 week trip so you have the best visit and discover all the things to do in Vietnam. Our goal was to travel slowly and […]

Your ultimate eco guide: all the places to visit in Mauritius, organised by area

I grew up in Mauritius and people are constantly asking me for tips, which side of the island to stay on, whether there are non-beach related activities, what are the top places to visit in Mauritius, etc. So I wrote it all down here, starting from the north of Mauritius, and I included local tips […]

Important Facts about Malaysia and Malaysian Culture

Years ago, I lived in Malaysia as an international student, and since then I’ve visited regularly. It is one of my favourite countries, but surprisingly not on many tourists’ radar, especially compared to its more popular neighbours. This means the country is not overcrowded with tourists, which is great for a more genuine experience, and […]

Facts about Vietnam to help you understand Vietnamese culture

Vietnam is a diverse country with multiple minority communities, and this is reflected in the food and certain aspects of Vietnamese culture. We’ve outlined all the important facts about Vietnam for you to know before embarking on your trip.  PS: are you busy planning your trip and feeling overwhelmed with all the research? Check out […]

All the things to know about Tasmania before your trip

We spent about 7 days exploring Tasmania, and while we had an amazing time and definitely recommend visiting, there are some things we wish we had known before the trip. Our tips and recommendations on all things to know about Tasmania below will provide a smoother journey for you.  Travel tips for Tasmania: things to […]

A comprehensive guide: what to do on Rottnest Island, tips, and how to get there

Rottnest Island is an island off the coast of Perth, and is a popular place to visit for locals and tourists. It’s got beautiful beaches, some calm and flat, others with more waves. You can snorkel, fish, swim, cycle, and there’s plenty to explore. Below is a list of what to do on Rottnest Island, […]

Eco things to do in Tasmania: a 7 days itinerary

One week in Tasmania is the perfect amount of time to spend there in order to see most of what the island offers, from cityscapes to national parks to beaches. Despite that, we wish we had allocated more time to our trip, so as to diminish our driving fatigue and enjoy the island more slowly. […]

The best eco hotels in New Zealand (North Island)

New zealand is a country filled with scenic landscapes and national parks, along with an indigenous culture (Māori) with deep connections to nature.  After spending a glorious 2 weeks exploring New Zealand on an eco-friendly trip, we came across a few green hotels that are taking steps to protect this country’s natural beauty and limit […]

A comprehensive guide to Japanese etiquette and culture

Japan is one of the most fascinating countries in the world, with a heritage deeply rooted in history and ancient religious beliefs spanning millennia, but with a mix of modern and technologically-advanced culture.  It is not possible to compile all that is Japan in one article, but this will cover the basic facts about Japan, […]

Discover South Korean culture, facts, and etiquette

There are a lot of little things that make South Korea unique. Before visiting, whether you’re spending one night or a week in South Korea, check out the info below about South Korean culture and important facts and cultural etiquette. Facts about South Korea South Korean culture and etiquette There are customs in South Korea […]

Eco friendly things to do in New Zealand in 14 days

Can you realistically spend 14 days in New Zealand and see everything? No, and it’s not recommended to try because you won’t have time to enjoy much. But you can still see a lot (note that we rented a car in order to do this trip in this amount of time). We spent 2 weeks […]

All the important facts about New Zealand (including Māori culture)

Before visiting this gorgeous country, it’s important to know at least the basic facts about New Zealand to ensure that you understand the culture and proper etiquette. Below we cover essential facts, fun facts, and culture and customs of New Zealand.  Also check out green hotels in New Zealand and eco-friendly activities for a 2 […]

Our curated list of elegant, eco-friendly hotels in Siem Reap

There are plenty of things to do in Siem Reap aside from Angkor Wat (check out our eco guide for things to do in Siem Reap), and hence it makes sense to stay there a few days, maybe even a week. Below is our curated list of the best eco-friendly hotels in Siem Reap. As […]

All the eco-friendly things to do in Siem Reap, Cambodia

This Cambodian city is a popular tourist destination due to Angkor Wat, the main attraction. Most people come for a couple of days just to visit these temples, but in fact there are many more things to do in Siem Reap. Below is a list of the best sustainable activities in Siem Reap for a […]

Facts about Norway that you need to know

A trip to Norway will be an amazing adventure regardless of your planned activities. But in order to make it even more memorable, check out the most important facts about Norway below, to get a sense of the country and its culture, and what dishes you might want to try. Before your trip, find a […]

Our curated list of the best eco hotels in Oslo

Norway is leading the way with green-certified hotels. While you’re planning your trip and looking at the most sustainable ways to explore Norway’s capital, lower your carbon footprint even more by checking into one of the best eco hotels in Oslo.  Which are the best eco hotels in Oslo and how are they sustainable? The […]

How to get from Oslo to Bergen: an eco-friendly, scenic, affordable option

Even though Norway is a relatively medium-size country, there is a lot of rugged landscape in between that is difficult to get to easily, or takes a long time. The most popular cities among visitors are Oslo, Bergen, and Tromso, and you can easily get from Oslo to Bergen, and get a once in a […]

The best eco friendly things to do in Oslo

This Scandinavian country’s reputation as being one of the top eco friendly countries in the world means there’s plenty of things to do in Oslo (Norway’s capital city) for a sustainable adventure.  PS: if you’re also visiting Bergen, read our detailed guide for how to get from Oslo to Bergen (or vice versa). Don’t forget […]

Fun facts about Italy (plus cultural etiquette)

Italy has had an incredible influence on Western culture (and still does), not just for its cuisine, but also for its Renaissance art, its architecture, its impact on the fashion world, and its charming cities and villages such as Venice, Cinque Terre, and Amalfi.  It would not be fair to Italy to generalise its culture, […]

Which are the best eco hotels in Rome and why?

A sustainable trip to Rome means finding the best eco friendly things to do, but also eco accommodations. While Italy’s Eternal City has a way to go in terms of its sustainability efforts, we nonetheless toured the city to find you the best eco hotels in Rome. We narrowed down our list to only three […]

Cultural things to do in Rome for an eco-friendly trip

Rome, nicknamed the Eternal City, is one of the oldest cities in Europe. There’s so much to see in Rome, so why not take the sustainable route to discover the best cultural things to do in Rome? Due to its historical importance, ancient monuments, architectural wonders, and of course, delicious Italian cuisine, Rome has quickly […]

Where to eat in New York: sustainable restaurants in NYC

New York City, the city of opportunities and a foodie’s paradise. There are so many delicious eateries available all over NYC, with cuisines from around the world. However, restaurants can be quite wasteful or not eco-friendly, but fortunately there’s a whole list of sustainable restaurants in NYC. Looking for a place to stay too? These […]

The 4 best hotels in New York City with a positive impact

With so many hotels to choose from in this big city, why not go for one of the best green hotels in New York City that focus on sustainability? There are a number of eco friendly hotels in New York that focus on proper waste management, reduction of water and energy consumption, protection of the […]

Best things to do in New York: an eco-friendly guide

New York City is a bucket list destination for many, and it’s easy to understand why. The iconic landmarks such as Bow Bridge in Central Park, Manhattan’s skyline, the nightlife scene, and the glamorous portrayal of the city in movies (which is not always based on reality) attract many visitors. Whether you have only a […]

The best green hotels in Lisbon

Portugal’s advances and awards in eco tourism make it even more enticing to visit, aside from the main reasons that people visit: gorgeous coastlines, delicious pastries, fresh seafood, and historical and cultural exploration.  The efforts that Portugal has placed in becoming a greener country is seen clearly in its capital city, in its eco-friendly shops, […]

Best things to do in Lisbon: your sustainable guide

In 2019, Portugal was awarded the Best European Destination for Sustainable Tourism by ITB, thanks to its efforts in reducing the negative impacts of tourism. But that’s not the only thing that Portugal’s got going for it. A rich culture full of history, the freshest seafood, long coastlines, and calming green natural landscapes are just […]

The five best eco hotels in Mauritius

Despite being a unique tropical island full of endemic fauna and flora (some of which are famously extinct, like the dodo bird), Mauritius has unfortunately not done enough regarding sustainability matters, particularly regarding its hotels and water activities.  Thankfully this is starting to change, and there are a few eco hotels in Mauritius that make […]

Fun facts about Portugal to read before your trip

Portugal offers so much: sun, sea, surf, seafood, and a bunch of other things that don’t start with s, like delicious wine, friendly people, and a chill lifestyle. Most visitors have an idea of what they want to see in Portugal, so instead of a list of things to do, here are some fun facts about […]

The most important facts about Cambodia you need to know

Cambodia was once a huge empire. Its complicated history and painful past has contributed to the current culture in Cambodia today. For instance, the impressive Angkor Wat temples are so symbolic that they even feature on the country’s flag. It is the largest religious monument in the world and attracts loads of tourists every year. […]

Norway travel tips: how to budget for Norway

Norway has so much to offer: whale watching, winter sport activities, fjord cruises, and more. However, it’s no secret that Norway is expensive. In this guide, we provide you with Norway travel tips for an affordable adventure with tips for how to budget for Norway. (But don’t forget to book your eco-friendly hotel in Oslo). […]

What are the top things to do in Indonesia?

The Republic of Indonesia is a country in SouthEast Asia and is made up of more than 17000 islands, but only around 6000 are inhabited. The most popular island is Bali, which attracts many tourists and digital nomads, but there’s so much more to Indonesia than Bali. This is a list of the best places to […]

Discover what Indonesian culture is all about 

Indonesia is a beautiful and unique country in SouthEast Asia. It stands out because of the diversity of its culture, its people, its religions, its languages, its rich marine life, its biodiversity, its food, and its 17000+ islands.  But what makes Indonesia even more interesting is that despite the cultural and religious diversity of its population, […]

Find out the most essential facts about New York

There’s a lot to do and see in New York City, which sometimes means that we don’t have a lot of time to explore AND ingest the relevant information about this busy city.  So we’ve gathered the most important facts about New York to guide you during your trip. This article is also helpful if […]

Fun facts about Mauritius you might not know

You might know Mauritius as a paradisiac island surrounded by turquoise lagoons and luxurious resorts. But there’s so much more to the country. In this article we’ve compiled fun facts about Mauritius that you might not know, with insights from locals. If you’re looking for a place to stay, check out the best eco hotels […]

Sustainable things to do in Mauritius + local tips

Mauritius is a beautiful tiny island off the east coast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. Being a tropical island created by volcanic activity means that there are plenty of nature-related and sustainable things to do in Mauritius. But there’s also cultural exploration awaiting you. In fact, Mauritius is often called a “rainbow paradise island” […]

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