The 4 best eco hotels in Saigon 

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Saigon (renamed Ho Chi Minh City after the Vietnam Civil War) is a food lover’s paradise. Known for its diverse and delicious food scene, Saigon manages to blend tradition and modern life in a way that celebrates the beautiful Vietnamese culture perfectly. 

Also known for its history, French colonial architecture, shopping, and nightlife, Saigon turned out to be an excellent location to finish our 3-week Vietnam trip. I was somewhat apprehensive about staying there too long at first because it’s such a huge city, and I wanted more tranquility, but you can still find serene accommodation to relax after exploring. Being a sustainable traveller, I have narrowed down the best eco hotels in Saigon, though I’ll be honest, it’s a short list as it was hard to find that many. 

Eco-friendly hotels in Ho Chi Minh City

1. Caravelle Saigon

eco hotels in saigon, caravelle saigon
Caravelle Saigon

A luxury, 5* hotel, Caravelle Saigon is conveniently located in the city centre (District 1).

Why choose Caravelle Saigon?

Caravelle Saigon is very close to many attractions, such as the Ben Thanh Market, the Opera House, and Dong Khoi Street, making it ideal for relaxing after long hours of exploring.

They have a business centre, a spa offering a variety of wellness therapy and beauty treatments, a 24-hour fitness centre, and an outdoor bar and swimming pool.  

How is Caravelle Saigon sustainable?

For over a decade, Caravelle Saigon has been awarded multiple green certificates, including the Earth Check Award and the Asean Green Hotel Award.

  • No single-use plastic bathroom toiletries, and instead they provide refillable bath products, and brushes, combs, and razors made from wheat husks
  • Double-glazed windows for better insulation
  • LED lights
  • Digital thermostat panel
  • Lower water usage: low-pressure shower, low flow tap faucets, touchless faucets, dual flush toilet
  • Social impact: empower the local community and use local products and services
  • Support local charities and orphanages through fundraising and donations

Check location and prices for Caravelle Saigon.

2. Sofitel Saigon Plaza

sofitel saigon plaza eco hotel
Sofitel Saigon Plaza

A luxury 5* hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Sofitel Saigon Plaza is centrally located and very convenient for those exploring Saigon. 

Why choose Sofitel Saigon Plaza?

Despite its central location in the heart of Saigon, Sofitel offers respite from the city’s vibrant lifestyle. Guests at Sofitel Saigon Plaza enjoy the elegant blend of Vietnamese and Parisian decor, views of Saigon’s skyline,  and sumptuous food on site.

Sofitel Saigon Plaza offers a wellness spa, a rooftop pool with a poolside bar, 3 restaurants, a fitness centre for yoga and aerobics classes, and exclusive club access to Club Millésime. They even have a cake shop with decadent French desserts. I would stay there just for the cake shop.

How is Sofitel Saigon Plaza sustainable?

  • No single-use plastic
  • Food surplus is donated to those in need, in collaboration with Vietharvest
  • Monthly audits by the Sustainability Committee
  • Composable tea/coffee bags and capsules
  • Energy efficient (LED lights, timers, etc.)
  • Partner with responsible suppliers
  • Waste management and recycling programs in place
  • Social impact: diversity and inclusion projects; employ disadvantaged Vietnamese youth 

Check location and prices for Sofitel Saigon Plaza.

3. Hotel des Arts Saigon

Eco-friendly hotels in Ho Chi Minh City Hotel des Arts
Hotel des Arts, Saigon

    An award-winning, luxury 5* hotel, Hotel des Arts Saigon is a boutique lifestyle hotel in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, close to popular attractions like the Opera House. 

    Why choose Hotel des Arts Saigon?

    The rooftop infinity pool alone is enough to entice me to stay there. After a few hours exploring Ho Chi Minh City, Hotel des Arts Saigon is the perfect place to retreat. 

    The hotel transports you to a classic era of French Indochina but with all the contemporary and convenient aspects of modern life. Each room is artistically and elegantly decorated, and there’s a rooftop bar with the vibes of a speakeasy. There are also 2 restaurants in total, plus a cafe perfect for a relaxing afternoon tea. The hotel organises events such as jazz night and C’est Cheese, and there’s a fitness centre and a luxury spa designed to nourish and heal your body and mind.  

    How is Hotel des Arts Saigon sustainable?

    Hotel des Arts Saigon is part of the Project 21 program, which is committed to social, environmental, and community aspects.

    • No plastic containers in rooms
    • Refillable shampoo and shower gel bottles
    • No single-use plastic
    • Water conservation: water-efficient toilets and showers
    • Locally-sourced ingredients as much as possible
    • Energy efficiency: LED lights
    • Invest in the local economy by hiring local tour guides and local artists
    • Provides information to guests about the culture and etiquette

    Check location and prices for Hotel des Arts.

    4. Mia Saigon

    mia saigon Eco-friendly hotels in Ho Chi Minh City
    Mia Saigon

      A beautiful 5* boutique hotel, Mia Saigon is located along the Saigon River banks, for a more tranquil stay in Ho Chi Minh City.

      Why choose Mia Saigon?

      Mia Saigon is located in the hip, artsy neighbourhood of Thu Duc, which has a vibrant art scene, chic restaurants, and plenty of shopping options. It’s an ideal place to stay because it’s away from the noise of Saigon but still within a few minutes’ drive. 

      With its quiet luxury and 20th-century art deco style, Mia Saigon provides an elegant experience. Its rooms offer views of the river, while its secluded spa offers Western and Vietnamese health rituals. The hotel also has a fitness centre, a pool, a restaurant, a bakery, and a bar. You can also request yoga classes. 

      How is Mia Saigon sustainable? 

      • LEED certification in sustainability
      • Water efficient
      • Energy efficient

      Check location and prices for Mia Saigon.

      Final thoughts on eco hotels in Saigon

      Vietnam has a long way to go in terms of sustainability, and truthfully it was not easy to find a long list of eco hotels in Saigon. However, these 4 fabulous hotels mentioned above are a great start, and they provide comfort, elegance, and a big step in the right direction towards building more eco-friendly hotels in Ho Chi Minh City.

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