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Norway is leading the way with green-certified hotels. While you’re planning your trip and looking at the most sustainable ways to explore Norway’s capital, lower your carbon footprint even more by checking into one of the best eco hotels in Oslo. 

Which are the best eco hotels in Oslo and how are they sustainable?

The Thief

eco hotels in Oslo
The Thief

The Thief is named so because it is located in the Tjuvholmen neighbourhood, which was notoriously known for being a refuge for thieves and criminals, but today is a trendy artistic area.  

What makes The Thief special?

This chic 5* boutique hotel is right by the Oslofjord, meaning your stay at The Thief will offer serenity and calm with nature at your doorstep. However, it is also located close to Aker Brygge, meaning you won’t be too far from a lively area full of bars and restaurants. 

The Thief’s curved architecture allows all the rooms to have views of the fjord, and has 1 rooftop bar and one indoors, 5 meeting rooms, one on-site restaurant, a fitness centre, and a spa with sauna. You can choose between suites with separate living rooms and rooftop terraces, or elegant rooms with balconies. 

The best part about staying at Thief Hotel? Guests have free access to the famous contemporary art museum Astrup Fearnley.

How is The Thief sustainable?

The Thief was built with sustainability in mind. 

  • Rooftop garden provides herbs and fruits.
  • Seafood and other produce are obtained from ethical sources.
  • Energy-saving technology. 
  • Focus on protecting the fjord and its marine animals such as fish, crabs, mussels. 

Check out The Thief Hotel’s rates.

Oslo Guldsmeden

oslo guldsmeden
Oslo Guldsmeden

Oslo Guldsmeden is a 3* boutique hotel, and is family friendly and pet friendly. It is located about 750 metres (or a 10 minute walk) from the Nationaltheatret train station, but is also close to other public transportation such as the metro and ferry.  

What makes Oslo Guldsmeden special?

Despite its 3* status, the Oslo Guldsmeden has a very chic decor. It has a rustic, warm, welcoming vibe, a cafe with a cosy fireplace, a spa with a Turkish hammam, sauna, and a relaxation area. 

The hotel has a lot of restaurants nearby, is walking distance to the hip area Aker Brygge, and is a great location for exploring Oslo, even though it’s a bit outside of the busy area.

How is Oslo Guldsmeden sustainable?

  • Organic, seasonal, and local produce.
  • Sustainable packaging and products.
  • Natural, fair trade, non-toxic mattresses, pillows, duvets, and linen.
  • All products used or purchased by the hotel is organic and fair trade.
  • 100% renewable energy, energy-saving lighting, and motion sensor lights.
  • Eco friendly cleaning products.
  • Water flow reducers.
  • Recycling of all waste materials.
  • Support local communities, particular vulnerable areas.

Here are Oslo Guldsmeden’s rates.

Scandic hotel chains

scandic oslo city hotel
Scandic Oslo City hotel

The Scandic Hotel chain has 19 hotels in Oslo, some centrally located, and some a bit outside of the city centre. 

What makes the Scandic Hotels special?

The Scandic Hotels has been around since 1963, and promise four main benefits to their guests: “Always welcoming, A good night’s sleep, A great start to the day, For a better tomorrow.”

They incorporate the Nordic spirit and culture into their mission and business goals, which is to create a great experience for their guests, with sustainable practices. 

How are the Scandic Hotels sustainable?

All Scandic Hotels practice sustainability.

  • Food waste management through programs like Too Good To Go, Karma, and ResQ.
  • Water-efficient fittings and toilets.
  • Ensure the well-being of not just their guests but also their team members.
    • Perform regular monitoring of team members through surveys and inspections, particularly their physical health and psycho-social environment.
    • Focus on gender equality, and diversity and inclusion.
  • Their seafood is sourced sustainably (red-listed fish species are not served at any Scandic hotels).
  • They source organic and local produce, preferring to create plant-based menus. 
  • Recycled and reusable materials used for building and renovating the hotels, with a circular economy purpose.

Check out our favourite Scandic Hotel and rates.

Thon Hotel chains

thon hotel vika atrium
Thon Hotel Vika Atrium

There are various Thon Hotels in Oslo, and all are centrally located in the city. 

What makes the Thon Hotel chains special?

They provide an award-winning breakfast and have options for various hotel room types, but also apartments for longer stays. The hotels are also a great location for business trips because they hold large events and hybrid conferences (physical and digital). 

How are the Thon Hotel chains sustainable?

All Thon Hotels are built with sustainability in mind and are eco-lighthouse certified. 

  • Encourage people to recycle through the Pantelotteriet program, where they can play a lottery for a chance to win money. The proceeds fund the Red Cross.
  • Eco-friendly waste disposal systems.
  • Farm to table policy: organic and minimally processed food is locally sourced directly from farmers and suppliers.
  • Monitor and reduce food waste.
  • Eco-friendly products used at the hotel.
  • Renewable and efficient energy use. 
  • Partnership with NAV to provide jobs to immigrants and people struggling with job opportunities.

Here’s one of our most recommended Thon Hotel and rates.

Lysebu Hotel 

lysebu hotel eco hotels in oslo
Lysebu Hotel

If you’re planning on going into the mountains a bit outside of Oslo, whether for snow sport activities or just to enjoy the views and a calm mountain vibe, Lysebu Hotel is a great option. The 5* hotel is reachable by public transport, about 750 metres from the Voksenkollen metro station (about 10 minutes walk).

What makes Lysebu Hotel special?

Lysebu Hotel is right by the Nordmarka forest, on top of Tryvannshøyden Hill. The hotel has a rustic but chic and elegant design, perfect for relaxing in the mountains in style. 

There’s an indoor pool, an on-site art gallery, a fine-dining restaurant, a sauna, a gym, a gift shop, and multiple meeting rooms for business trips. They also offer a bunch of activities, including cooking classes for adults and children, hiking, skiing, cycling, and wine tasting. 

How is Lysebu Hotel sustainable?

Lysebu Hotel manages resources in a sustainable way, earning them the title of Environmental Lighthouse since 2012. 

  • “Farm to table” policy, meaning that food is sourced locally and obtained directly from farmers.
  • Greenhouse with a kitchen garden.
  • Food is composted for a more fertile soil where they can grow more produce.
  • First hotel in Oslo to offer green conference events.
  • Social sustainability efforts: showcase art from local Norwegian and a few Danish artists.

See Lysebu Hotel’s rates here. 

Final thoughts on the best eco hotels in Oslo

It is no surprise that Norway’s most popular city is home to multiple eco hotels. Our carefully curated list of hotels above shows the extent of Oslo’s sustainable efforts, and hopefully allows you to choose the best one for your needs. If you’re heading up to Bergen next, here’s the most eco-friendly, affordable, and scenic way to get to Bergen from Oslo.

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