All the safari words you need to know for your trip

When planning my very first South African safari in Kruger National Park, I spent hours doing research and understanding the terminologies in order to have a better idea about my options. And I’ll be honest, it got overwhelming fast. So I compiled a list for myself in order to organise my thoughts and better understand […]

How to have an eco safari 

When doing a safari, it’s important to understand that you are entering the animals’ home without being invited. There are specific rules and regulations to follow, and I’ve compiled all of this information here so you have everything in one place about how to do an eco safari.  PS: These general rules about sustainable safaris […]

Discover what is housesitting and how it allows you to travel for cheap 

Do you ever wonder how some people are constantly travelling? Many of them talk about “how to travel free” but the reality is it’s never really free. The accurate way to say it should be “how to travel for cheap”.  Because whether you’re doing a work exchange program, being a digital nomad, on a press […]

What is a work exchange and is it right for you?

You might have come across many travellers saying that you can travel and have amazing experiences for free. But unless you’re a travel media professional or a huge influencer that gets paid to travel, the only other way to travel for free without paying for accommodation or food is to do a work exchange program. […]

Elephant rescue in Thailand: meet Unchained Elephants and Kanoon

My friends over at Unchained Elephants are dedicated to the conservation and welfare of elephants, and I am honoured to be able to share their story of their first elephant rescue in Thailand.  In the meantime, check out the definition of ecotourism and sustainable travel, and get your free sustainable travel guidelines and tips. Hi […]

What is ecotourism and sustainable tourism?

Ecotourism vs. sustainable tourism Ecotourism and sustainable tourism – two words often used interchangeably, but ultimately leading to the same idea: positively impactful travel. Ecotourism is more general in terms of its core concepts: it focuses on travelling to natural places with efforts to preserve the beauty of the area, while also benefiting the local […]

Top 4 eco friendly hotels in Europe

Many of the most sustainable cities in the world are in Europe, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of eco friendly hotels in Europe as well.  There are several factors that go into making a hotel sustainable: using produce from local farmers, diminishing the use of plastic, using renewable energy, employing local people, […]

Our favourite eco friendly travel products

In order to minimise our carbon footprint when travelling, numerous brands have focused their efforts on creating eco friendly travel products and gear. Below are our top brand recommendations for various sustainable travel products so you can enjoy your trip guilt-free and reduce your environmental impact. Luggage Suitcases and duffel bags are necessary travel equipment. […]

Discover the top 11 Sustainable Cities Around The World

When we think of cities, we tend to think of iconic landmarks and innovative architecture, but we also see the traffic congestion, the crowds, and oftentimes a lot of air pollution. So how can cities be sustainable? We have gathered a list of the most sustainable cities and explain how they use innovative ways to […]

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