About Travel Conscious

I’m Liina, the founder and content creator at Travel Conscious.

This is me - makeup-less, hair unbrushed, and imperfectly sustainable :)

I've had the privilege to live in 7 countries across 5 continents and travel extensively. I love sharing my travel insights and the cultural lessons I learn along the way. But I also think it's important to discuss our impact as tourists.

My goal is to make travel sustainable and positive for the planet, local communities, wildlife, and you. We won't always be able to achieve everything on the sustainability scale, but every bit of effort truly does count, even if we are all imperfectly sustainable.

On a professional level, I’ve worked as a content strategist across various industries, including the travel and sustainability field. I write only about countries I have personally visited, and all the content comes out of research, experience, and conversations with locals. 

My values:

Transparency: about any brands and organisations I work with.

Respect and empathy: for the environment, culture, traditions, and people.

Humility and growth: constantly learning and improving.

Travel Conscious' Mission

From cultural enrichment, green experiences, eco lifestyle to sustainable tips, my aim is to build Travel Conscious to become the ultimate resource for sustainable travel.

I focus on all three aspects of sustainability:

  • Environment (protecting nature and wildlife, reducing waste, finding eco-friendly activities) 

  • Economy (contributing to the local economy and businesses)

  • Social (preserving the traditions and customs of the host country, social rights)

You might be thinking: how can my conscious travel efforts have an impact — after all, I am just one person. 

But you’re not the only individual doing these trips, or engaging in that activity, or staying at a non-sustainable resort. 

If we all make a sustainable choice during our trips, no matter how small, then together we can help combat climate change, protect wildlife, empower local communities, and still have an amazing trip. 

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