How to get from Oslo to Bergen: an eco-friendly, scenic, affordable option

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Even though Norway is a relatively medium-size country, there is a lot of rugged landscape in between that is difficult to get to easily, or takes a long time. The most popular cities among visitors are Oslo, Bergen, and Tromso, and you can easily get from Oslo to Bergen, and get a once in a lifetime experience along the way. 


The best way to get from Oslo to Bergen is by taking the train to Myrdal, take the Flam Railway and experience a scenic journey, then take a fjord cruise along Nærøyfjord, which is the narrowest fjord in the world and a UNESCO heritage site, then take the bus and train to Bergen. This can all be done in one day, and is the most eco friendly, and also most scenic way to Bergen from Oslo, or vice versa.

Nærøyfjord cruise
Nærøyfjord cruise

Local tip: there are many travel companies that can organise a guided journey from Oslo to Bergen for you, in case you don’t want to bother with all the logistics. Or you could do a self-guided one, which we explain below.

More tips on how to have an affordable and sustainable trip to Norway.

A breakdown of how to get from Oslo to Bergen 

  • Get to Oslo Central train station around 8am.
  • Take the morning train to Myrdal. We recommend taking the 8:25am train that arrives at 1pm, leaving you plenty of time (about 22 minutes) for your next step. 
    Local tip: on the train, sit on the left for the best views.
  • At 1:22pm, the Flåm Railway (Flamsbana) will depart to Flam village. The journey is a steep one, and goes up to 4,009 feet (1,222 metres) above sea levels. It’s one of the most beautiful railway journeys in the world. You should reach around 2.10pm.
    At this stage some people prefer to spend the evening in Flam, but which can provide a tranquil, serene break.  Others prefer to head on to Bergen the same day. If this is your case, follow the next steps.
  • At 3pm catch the fjord cruise to Nærøyfjord, the narrowest fjord in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage landscape, will depart. 
    The cruise happens on an eco-friendly vessel that runs on battery power and is either fully electric or a hybrid model. They offer a smooth ride, with large windows and walkways where you can enjoy the outside. And don’t worry there’s no danger of seasickness, as the vessel goes on low speed and there are no waves on the fjord.
    You have about 50 minutes to explore the small area before the Fjord cruise departs.
from oslo to bergen
Fjord cruise vessel
  • At 5pm disembark at Gudvangen.
  • At 5:25pm in Gudvange, take the 950 bus to Voss. You can book online here but should be able to also buy directly from the Skyss Billett app. You should reach Voss at 6.20pm.
  • At 7:30pm from Voss, take the Voss train to Bergen. You should reach Bergen at 9pm. 

This is the most recommended and most popular way to get to Oslo to Bergen. You can also take it the other round, from Bergen to Oslo. You can do this on your own without having a travel agency book it for you for twice the price or more (we did it all on our own after extensive research). 

In case of any issues with train delays, you can contact the customer support of Vy, or Norway’s Best, or Skyss. We had a train delay in the morning and the customer service replied to our email immediately and fixed the issue. 

Check out this article if you’re keen to explore Oslo’s eco-friendly activities.

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