Your ultimate eco guide: all the places to visit in Mauritius, organised by area

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I grew up in Mauritius and people are constantly asking me for tips, which side of the island to stay on, whether there are non-beach related activities, what are the top places to visit in Mauritius, etc. So I wrote it all down here, starting from the north of Mauritius, and I included local tips and insights. Being a sustainable traveller, I also mention the best eco hotel(s) in each area, as well as harmful activities to avoid. 

Mauritius is a small island mostly known for its turquoise, calm lagoons. However, this tropical country offers much more than beaches and water sport activities, though you should also make time for the beaches as they are some of the most beautiful in the world. Each section of the island has something interesting to offer, such as mountains and hiking trails, national parks, waterfalls, culture and history, a botanical garden, wildlife, and natural phenomena. 

Let’s explore Mauritius by area below. In the meantime, if you just want a general overview of sustainable things to do in Mauritius, see our article.

(And don’t forget to also check out fun facts about Mauritius before you go).

What are the places to visit in Mauritius, in the north?

The Northern side of Mauritius is the most touristy and crowded, due to the amenities, beaches, and sunny weather year round (it’s less likely to rain or have strong winds on the north west part of the island). There are plenty of restaurants, hotels, night clubs, shops, and some of the most beautiful beaches on the island. 

The North of Mauritius is also a great place for diving, catamaran cruises to discover the northern islets, or to do a walking food tour.

Popular beaches (and water activities) in the north of Mauritius 

Mont Choisy beach 

places to visit in mauritius
Mont Choisy

Mont Choisy is a gorgeous, spacious beach that still retains its natural landscape due to being surrounded by casuarina trees (locals call it filao), and construction is not allowed on the public beach, so you won’t find hotels or houses for a big part of Mont Choisy. There are food and ice cream trucks on the beach, and the filao trees provide natural shade. 

Local tip: Mont Choisy gets crowded on Sundays, so it’s best to go during weekdays or Saturday morning.

Pereybere beach

places to visit in mauritius Pereybere beach

A local favourite is Pereybere beach. It has beautiful turquoise water, the softest sand, and a few food trucks around, plus many restaurants across the street and a supermarket within walking distance. It’s a somewhat smaller beach area compared to Mont Choisy, so it is often crowded, and there’s not a lot of shade on the beach.

Local tip: the best food truck for Mauritian street food is at Pereybere, to the immediate right of the bus stop when facing the beach. The food stall is painted dark blue and is run by a sweet old lady, Mrs Nadja, who sells typical Mauritian street food like roti and fried snacks (samosa, fried eggplant, gateau piment). It’s always fresh and delicious, and she’s there everyday except Fridays.

Trou aux Biches

trou aux biches mauritius
Trou aux Biches

Another popular beach is Trou aux Biches beach. When you arrive at the entrance of the beach you can choose to go left or right. The left side has more space to lay down on the sand, but has beach bungalows, restaurants, and lots of small boats in the water. The right side has hotels and not a lot of sand space for the public, so it’s hard to find a spot when you have to be 20 metres away from the hotel grounds. It’s a beautiful beach but not my favourite. 

Local tip: there is no shade at all at Trou aux Biches, and you’re not allowed to get too close to the restaurants and hotels. It’s best to bring a beach umbrella.

Bain Boeuf

bain boeuf mauritius
Bain Boeuf

A less touristy beach is Bain Boeuf. Locals go there for a stroll rather than swimming, and you get great views of the Coin de Mire rock.

Beach activities and water sports

For snorkelling, head to Turtle bay (Balaclava) marine park where you can spot sea turtles. Make sure to observe proper marine etiquette and not touch any of the sea life including corals, and wear reef-friendly sunscreen. 

For water sports, you can find plenty of kayak, pedalo, and sailing activities at your hotel or directly from Trou aux Biches beach, though it will likely be more expensive to book at Trou aux Biches since hotels usually provide these as part of your package. For kitesurfing, head to Anse la Raie beach, in the north east part of the island. 

Eco-friendly and cultural activities in the north


If you’re looking to do some shopping, there are many locally-made, eco-friendly shops in the north and around the island, but it’s best to check out this website for eco shops in Mauritius, as not all of them have a physical store.

Local tip: If you want to buy light summery clothes, I recommend a tailor at Grand Baie bazaar (market) named Sateesh. He and his team sell clothes that they make themselves, and they can also customise whatever you buy really quickly (sometimes within a few days, sometimes within a few hours depending on their workload). Plus they are very kind and friendly (and not pushy). To get to their clothes stall, walk into Grand Baie bazaar, turn left after passing the Grand Baie bazaar sign, then turn on your 2nd right and go all the way to the end. His email address is

Iconic red roof church

Notre Dame Auxiliatrice Church
Notre Dame Auxiliatrice Church

An iconic landmark in the north to not miss: Notre Dame Auxiliatrice Church is a red roof church located at Cap Malheureux beach, where you can also see the rock Coin de Mire (another popular landmark) in the background.

Local tip: avoid Sundays, as people go to church in the morning. 

L’aventure du sucre museum

It’s a former sugar factory that explains the history and importance of sugarcane in Mauritius. It’s a family-friendly and cultural activity that many people overlook in favour of the beach, but it highlights the economic significance of sugarcane for the island. 

Pamplemousses Botanical Garden

Pamplemousses Botanical Garden mauritius
Pamplemousses Botanical Garden

The only botanical garden in Mauritius, it has unfortunately been neglected during the covid years, and it is very sad to see the shabby deers in their small enclosure. However, when well maintained and when the animals are taken care of, the botanical garden is a fun family-friendly activity where you can see endemic species, giant water lilies, and tortoises. You can also hire a guide on the spot to learn more about the flora there.

Chateau de Labourdonnais

Once a Victorian mansion, this restored chateau is now a museum surrounded by beautiful orchards. It has a gift shop and a restaurant, and offers rum tasting. 

Best sustainable hotels in the north

The most sustainable hotels in the north are the Attitude Hotels, Veranda Hotels, and Lux Hotels. Chain hotels are not necessarily known to be sustainable, but these ones have strong commitments to sustainability, including promoting the local culture and empowering the community.

I particularly enjoy staying at the Attitude and Veranda hotels, as they are generally small-size hotels with a big focus on empowering the local community and preserving the local culture.

Zilwa Attitude eco hotel mauritius
Zilwa Attitude, with views of Coin de Mire
  • Zilwa Attitude: a 4* hotel with 4 pools, a small but secluded beach, direct views of Coin de Mire and other islets
  • Ravenala Attitude: 4* hotel, next to a river AND beach, large rooms, adults-only dedicated areas
  • Lagoon Attitude: 4*, adults only, daily entertainment, protected marine area, great for kite-surfing
  • Coin de Mire Attitude: 3* star hotel across the street from Bain Boeuf beach
  • Paradise Cove: 5* boutique hotel, heated infinity pool, special activities (archery lessons, stargazing, tai chi and qi gong)
  • Lux Grand Gaube: 5*retro-chic hotel with 2 coves, adults-only dedicated area, private villa options)
  • Lux Grand Baie: 5* elegant and luxury hotel with an outdoor rooftop fitness gym
  • Veranda Pointe aux Biches: 4* hotel with an overflowing pool, adults-only section, nestled among old fishing villages
  • Veranda Grand Baie: 4* creole-chic hotel, beach bar, and vibrant night life next door
  • Veranda Paul et Virginie: 4* romantic adults only hotel with a secluded beach, perfect for couples

This article would become excessively long if I were to explain exactly how sustainable these hotels are, but I’ve done that in another article: the best eco hotels in Mauritius

Let’s explore the capital: what are the best places to visit in Port Louis, Mauritius

Port Louis is crowded and busy, but there are some fun places to explore. While there is no beach there, there is a beautiful waterfront with a craft market, a few mountains to hike, a central market, museums, and lots of shops. 

Eco shopping tip: If you’re looking for a zero waste shop for groceries and household items, check out L’Écolo in Port Louis.

Caudan Waterfront

Caudan Waterfront mauritius
Caudan Waterfront

Caudan Waterfront opened in 1996 and was the first proper mall to open in Mauritius, though it is not your typical mall with an overwhelming amount of generic international brands. It is an “outdoor” mall by the marina, has a 5-star hotel, lots of restaurants ranging from casual food court eats to more formal settings, a beautiful craft market, a museum, a lounge-bar area where locals hang out after work, and cinemas. I love going to the Caudan Waterfront when I’m in Port-Louis. It is a nice refuge from the busy city. 

Central Market

The Central Market is called bazaar by the locals, and it is where many people of Port Louis shop for produce and meat products. I personally avoid the central market and surrounding area when I go to Mauritius – it is too chaotic and loud for me. However, tourists enjoy the way that vendors organise their fruits and vegetables so neatly, and you can also find souvenir shops there. 

Jummah Mosque

The Jummah Mosque dates from the 1850s, and is a unique mosque as it has Indian, Creole, and Islamic influences. Just remember that appropriate dress codes are required. 

Fort Adelaide, locally known as Citadelle

Right in the middle of the city is La Citadelle, a fortress built in the 1830s by the British to fight against French forces. Locals love going there for fresh air, to momentarily escape the chaos of Port Louis, and for 360 degree views of the city. 

Local tip: avoid during weekends and after work hours at sunset, as it will get crowded.


There are three mountains to hike in Port-Louis, and all offer great views of the city. 

Signal Mountain
Signal Mountain
  • Signal mountain – it is an easy walk uphill (3km or 1.86 miles up, and 3km down) on a paved road. From the top you can see the whole north-west part of Mauritius, til the north end of the island. On a cloudless day you can even see the Coin de Mire rock. 
  • Le pouce mountain is a slightly more challenging hike, but still doable for all levels. 
  • Pieter both is a mountain that might require you to go with a guide.

Places to visit along the west coast of Mauritius

The west coast is home to some night life, dolphins, and turquoise beaches. However, it seems like the west coast of Mauritius has been taken over by South African immigrants, who choose to live in that area for proximity to the few surfable beaches in Mauritius. 

Beaches along the west coast of Mauritius

The most popular beaches along the West coast are Flic-en-Flac and Wolmar. Flic-en-Flac is a long stretch of turquoise lagoon and soft white sand. There are multiple resorts and villas along the west coast, blocking access to most of the beaches there. Flic-en-Flac beach is the most easily accessible one, and has an array of food trucks along the beach.

flic en flac beach mauritius
Flic en Flac

Local tip: try Aka roti at Flic-en-Flac for a cheap and local street food experience. 

Another coastal area to explore is Tamarin Bay. It’s best to go there in the early morning, because you get the chance of seeing wild dolphins. The most eco-friendly way to see dolphins and other wildlife is by kayaking.


A popular mountain to hike along the west coast is the 3 mamelles mountain, but it’s recommended to go with a guide.

What’s the best eco hotel on the west coast?

The recommended eco hotel on the west coast of Mauritius is Veranda Tamarin Hotel & Spa. It’s a 3* hotel across the street from Tamarin Bay and beach. They are eco-certified (Green Key) and are committed to reducing their footprint by recycling their packaging, treating wastewater, composting waste, avoiding single use plastic, and using natural products instead of chemical fertilisers. 

Best places to visit in Mauritius’ south 

The southern part of Mauritius (aside from Le Morne which is the south-west coast) is the least touristy coast of the island, but worth a road trip or even a few days’ stay. In this area you will have a more local experience and a very relaxed atmosphere, especially compared to the north and Port Louis.

Le Morne: mountain and beach

le morne mountain
Le Morne Mountain

Le Morne is both a beautiful beach and the name of the iconic mountain. The mountain is an important symbol for Mauritians due to its tragic story: it was the place where slaves hid when they ran away. One day, the authorities found them, but the runaway slaves preferred to jump off the mountain to their deaths rather than be captured. The most tragic part is that the authorities were coming to tell them that slavery had been abolished and that they were free. 

In the past, Le Morne Mountain was closed off to the public, as it was claimed by descendants of colonial people in Mauritius. However, citizens of Mauritius argued that mountains and beaches can’t be claimed as property, and now people are allowed to visit and hike up the mountain.

Local tip: The hike up Le Morne mountain has two levels of difficulties: the first part is the midpoint and is easy enough. It is an uphill walk on dirt paths, and you can already get a really nice view from there. To hike up to the very top feels very much like boulder climbing but with rocks instead of a soft mattress to land on. A guide is highly recommended if you intend to do this part of the hike, though many people still venture on without one. For a full guide about hiking Le Morne, check out this article by Emma and Murray, two responsible travellers.

Here’s a guided sunrise hike for Le Morne if you choose to go with a guide for safety concerns.

Most people, locals included, spend a day in this area, hiking up the mountain in the morning, and then heading to the beach right after. There are two types of beaches in this area. Le Morne public beach is right by the eco hotel Lux Le Morne, and is the calmer, less windy beach. On the other side you will find a windy, kite surfing beach. 

le morne mauritius
Le Morne beach

La Prairie beach

La Prairie
La Prairie

This beach is always empty as no one swims there. It is right by the roadside, and is a large, calm, beautiful beach with a direct view of Le Morne mountain. It’s worth a stop, especially if you want to see peculiar marine animals.

Maconde viewpoint

The Maconde viewpoint is a windy stop along your road trip. It’s a rock right in the middle of the two districts in the south, and you can walk up to it easily via stairs. Five minutes is more than enough there. 

Local tip: it’s hard to park around there, and the viewpoint suddenly appears around the corner from a curved road. Please be careful because if you park across from the rock and need to cross the street, you won’t be able to see cars coming from the other direction.

Gris Gris

Gris gris is a wild beach with strong currents and lots of rocks, so swimming is not advisable. The landscape is drastically different from the calmer lagoons around Mauritius, which is why many people like to stop there. There is also a cave that you can visit.

La Roche Qui Pleure

Near Gris Gris beach is “La Roche Qui Pleure”, meaning “the rock that cries”. You can’t swim there due to currents and rocks. At La Roche Qui Pleure you will see majestic waves crashing against rocks, giving the illusion that the rock is crying. 

Pont Naturel

Pont Naturel
Pont Naturel

Pont Naturel means natural bridge, and it is indeed a bridge formed naturally over thousands of years by volcanic rocks, with the force of crashing waves. 

Saint Aubin, Maison de la Vanille

Saint Aubin is an estate where you can get a guided tour of the estate and witness the production process of vanilla pods. There’s also a rum tasting and tea tasting tour. 

Recommended eco hotel in the south

Lux Le Morne is the recommended eco hotel in the south of Mauritius. It is a luxurious, gorgeous green hotel along Le Morne beach, with hammocks in the ocean. Note that the hammocks can also be used by the public, since it’s in the lagoon, and lagoons are public spaces.

Places to visit along the south east of Mauritius 

The south east of Mauritius is home to the airport, small villages, and spectacular beaches. It has a much more local vibe and is less touristy, but is also windier than other parts of the island, due to the south east trade winds. 

Beaches and islets 

Blue Bay

Blue Bay
Blue Bay

The most popular beach in the south east is Blue Bay. Blue Bay is not just your typical tropical lagoon, because it is also a great spot for snorkelling, and so there are opportunities to kayak or take boats out to sea. 

Pointe d’Esny

A very calm and preserved lagoon, away from crowds of tourists and resorts, Pointe d’Esny can get windy, and is therefore popular for kite and windsurfing. International competitions take place there every year. 

Iles aux Aigrettes

Iles aux Aigrettes mauritius
Iles aux Aigrettes

Iles aux aigrettes is an islet that functions as a nature reserve and a research centre. Visitors can take a very short boat ride from Pointe d’Esny to the islet, where you can observe endemic birds, geckos, giant tortoises, bats, and learn about wildlife conservation. Wear walking shoes, not flip flops.

Mountains and landscapes


ferney mauritius

La Vallée de Ferney is a large, gorgeous private land surrounded by the Bambou mountains. At Ferney they engage in sustainable farming, promoting farm to table processes and focusing on local, seasonal produce. There are hiking trails, a conservation park, a restaurant, and even an eco lodge where people can stay.  

Lion mountain

The Lion mountain has two trails leading to the summit, and takes about 3 hours. It’s somewhat challenging but doable, though not as easy as Signal Mountain in Port Louis. The views at the top are excellent, as you get a really great view of Mauritius’ south east lagoons. 

View Grand Port and Pointe du Diable

The View Grand Port is a historical site – it’s where the Dutch first settled and built their defences. In fact, you can still see forts and canons. If you’re not particularly interested in stopping there, you can just drive by and see everything from the car. 

Mahebourg waterfront

Mahebourg waterfront is nothing like the Caudan waterfront in Port Louis, as it’s not a commercial area. It has an esplanade, a local market, a naval museum nearby, and a nice view of Lion Mountain. It’s loved by locals, who enjoy taking strolls along the water and having picnics, especially on Sundays.

Recommended eco hotel in the south east of Mauritius: 

The best one is Ferney Nature Lodge, mentioned above. It’s a great option if you want to feel immersed in nature and surrounded by mountains, rather than stay at a beach resort. 

What are the places to visit along the east coast of Mauritius? 

The east and south east coast of Mauritius have beautiful landscapes and beaches, though this area is windy. 

Beaches along the east coast of Mauritius

palmar beach mauritius
Palmar Beach

Popular beaches along the east coast of Mauritius include Belle Mare, Palmar beach, and Poste Lafayette. Belle Mare and Palmar are both swimmable beaches, but Post la Fayette is not recommended for swimming due to strong currents. 

Iles aux Cerfs islet

To be honest, I am not entirely sure this is a sustainable activity – first due to the use of motor boats to get there (and there are multiple boats that go there every day), and a lot of the land has been cleared for a golf course, luxury hotels, and restaurants. 

However, it is indeed a very beautiful islet, perhaps the most beautiful one in Mauritius, and it is very popular among locals. Perhaps a sailing boat or catamaran to Iles aux Cerfs (rather than a motor boat) is a more sustainable option.

GRSE waterfall 

It’s not the most popular waterfall in Mauritius, but still beautiful and worth a stop if you’re in the area. You can hike there or take a boat, but the hike is slippery. The surrounding area is a historical fishing village where the Dutch used to stock ebony trees. 

Bras d’eau national park

This national park is known for its hiking trails, endemic wildlife (particularly birds) and plants, and picnic spots. There is also a swamp and a lake. It is less famous than the Black River Gorges national park, and therefore visited more by locals than tourists. 

Recommended green hotels in the East:

SALT of palmar eco hotel mauritius
SALT of Palmar
  • Sunrise Attitude: 4* adults only hotel across the street from Belle Mare plage, with fields on the other side and 28 swim-up rooms, morning yoga, and creative workshops
  • Tropical Attitude: 3* adults only beachfront boutique hotel with all villas and rooms facing the beach, and free boat rides to Iles aux Cerfs (a popular islet getaway – see more above)
  • Friday Attitude: 3* family-friendly hotel with a kids’ club and free shuttles to Iles aux Cerfs
  • Veranda Palmar: 3* family-friendly hotel right on Palmar Beach, with a kids’ club
  • Constance Prince: 5* luxury, family-friendly, secluded hotel (lots of privacy) with two golf courses
  • Constance Belle Mare: 5* elegant and luxury hotel with golf courses and kids’ club
  • Lux Belle Mare: (reopening in Oct 2023): 5* hotel on Belle Mare beach, newly renovated for a more comfortable and luxury stay
  • Salt of Palmar – possibly the most eco-friendly hotel in Mauritius. They don’t even offer buffet meals, in order to avoid food waste. Everything is a la carte. The beach is a bit windy though
  • Bubble Lodge Îles aux Cerfs – this is a unique eco-friendly accommodation: it’s a luxurious bubble-like, transparent tent that allows you to look up at the stars at night and wake up to sunlight seeping from every corner, but with total privacy

Are there places worth visiting in the middle of Mauritius? 

There are quite a few nature-related and cultural activities to partake in in this region. You can book a tour for a road trip through the region.

Nature activities 

Trou aux Cerfs volcano 

There’s no active volcanoes in Mauritius, and Trou aux Cerfs is a small, dormant one. It might be underwhelming if you’ve hiked mightier volcanoes in other countries, as it’s mostly just a small crater with a walking path and some exercise machines around it. 

Local tip: Avoid weekends and evenings. It’s a very popular walking route among locals living in the area, as it’s an easy way to exercise and get fresh air.

Chamarel, the 7-coloured geopark

Chamarel mauritius

This is the most popular non-beach tourist attraction in Mauritius. It’s a geopark with a small area of sand dunes, made of volcanic rocks over a period of 600 million years. The colours blend together but do not mix, showing 7 different distinct colours of sand. There’s also a waterfall there that you can observe from a distance, or hike with a guide. There are giant tortoises in enclosures, and a small cafe on site.  

Today the public is no longer allowed to walk on the sand dunes, because too many people were collecting the sand for souvenirs. You can observe the dunes from observation posts, and there’s a gift shop for souvenirs, though I don’t recommend buying the sand dunes souvenir. 

Local tip: Don’t park at the first parking area you see (before the ticket booth) because you will have to walk a lot. Get your ticket and then keep driving. Go to the waterfall first, park, and walk up the small set of stairs for a higher viewpoint, then drive to the 7-coloured earth area and park there. Don’t forget to validate your ticket there.

Eco tip: Drones are not allowed there as this region is home to endemic birds and bats.

Ebony forest

There is so much to do in this privately-owned forest land: hiking trails, bird watching, learn about biodiversity through their educational program, take a guided tour drive on a 4×4 jeep through the forest, or enjoy sunset with views from the mountaintop. Proceeds go to research and restoration of endemic flora in Mauritius. 

Grand Bassin Hindu Temple

Many people like to combine a tour to Chamarel with a stop at Grand Bassin, a scenic Hindu temple with grandiose statues and surrounded by a volcanic lake. This temple is also called Ganga Talao and is important for Mauritian Hindus, as it represents the sacred river Ganges in India. It’s also an annual pilgrimage site. 

Local tip: Remember to dress accordingly when visiting the temple (cover knees and shoulders, even for men), remove your shoes before entering, and speak in soft volumes.

Bois Cheri tea plantation

bois cheri mauritius
Bois Cheri

Definitely a must-visit if you like tea or need a break from beaches and hot weather. This tea plantation was the first in Mauritius (since 1892), and offers charming, peaceful views of the tea estate and lake. 

Local tip: it’s fun to try tea tasting there, but if you intend to purchase tea afterwards, just know that you can find the exact same ones at supermarkets for more reasonable prices. 

Trou Kanaka

This is a crater located near the Bois Cheri tea plantation. It is an extinct volcano whose crater is full of vegetation, with beautiful views of Bois Cheri from the top. If you want to hike, go with a guide. 

Black River Gorges national park

Black River Gorges viewpoint mauritius
Black River Gorges viewpoint

This national park is the biggest in Mauritius and is home to many endemic species including the Mauritius kestrel, pink pigeon, and the echo parakeet. I definitely recommend visiting this place. 

There are a few ways to see the Gorges national park: drive there and go to the viewpoint, where you will be greeted by wild long-tail macaques, or do a short hike. If you intend to explore further and do longer hikes, please get a guide because many people have gotten lost in the park and it took hours if not days to find them. 

Here’s an excellent guided hike in Black River Gorges that includes hotel pickups.

7 cascades (also known as Tamarin falls)

7 cascades
7 cascades

This is the highest waterfall in Mauritius. It is a series of 7 small waterfalls that you can get close to by hiking the trail, and it is a popular hike among locals and tourists. There are two trails, the easy one, and the hard one. The hard one gets you very close to the falls, and can get quite steep and slippery. You will definitely need a guide for either trek.

Terre des 23 couleurs

The literal meaning is “earth of 23 colours”, as there is a small set of sand dunes similar to the one at Chamarel, except that this one claims to have 23 colours instead of 7. This place is more of an adventure park rather than an immersive nature activity. There’s activities such as zip-lining and quad biking, and the prices are high, for locals and tourists alike. 

giant tortoises mauritius
Giant tortoises

There are a few giant tortoises that don’t look like they are well taken care of. One had a broken shell that had also been written and scratched on, an indication that the staff is not looking out for the animals and letting guests do whatever they want. 

Rochester Falls

Rochester Falls is one of the most visited waterfalls in Mauritius, perhaps because it has been featured in many Bollywood movies, or because its given name was allegedly inspired by the book Jane Eyre. It is nonetheless a beautiful waterfall, and can be reached by hiking through rugged terrains. 

Eau Bleu waterfall

Eau Bleu waterfall is a bit of a hidden attraction, still somewhat unknown to tourists. It has very clear blue water (the name literally means “blue water”), perfect for a cool down swim after your hike to get there, and consists of 6-7 waterfalls. It’s located in Cluny village and surrounded by sugar cane fields. You don’t need a guide to get there.  

Cultural activities

Eureka house

The Eureka house was a colonial house and is now a museum surrounded by gardens, a river, and waterfalls. The museum consists of colonial-era housewares, maps, and some areas focused on art and music. You can take a guided tour or just have lunch at the restaurant. Either way you’re in for a peaceful and beautiful experience. 

Mauritius glass gallery in Vacoas

A popular excursion for schools, the Mauritius glass gallery is also popular among tourists. At the gallery you can watch glass blowers turn recycled glass into works of art, and you can also purchase unique, custom souvenirs there. 

Recommended eco hotels for this area of Mauritius

There are two unique eco accommodations in this area:

  • Otentik Eco Tent – this is is not a hotel nor a resort type of accommodation  – Otentik (meaning authentic) is for those who want a glamping kind of experience
  • Bubble Lodge Bois Cheri – this is similar to the Bubble Lodge at Iles aux Cerfs mentioned above, except this one is nestled in the tea plantation, with a restaurant overlooking a lake. 

Places and activities I advise NOT to visit or engage in in Mauritius

Despite a stable political climate and economy, and high education rate, there are many ways in which Mauritius is lagging behind, particularly in terms of animal rights. Below are the activities and places I don’t recommend visiting in Mauritius. 

So-called safaris

“Safaris” and animal encounters at Casela (e.g. walk with lions). The lions are sedated and only there for human entertainment. It’s really just a large zoo with animals on grass rather than concrete, so it’s marketed as a safari experience.

Champs de Mars for horse racing

Champs de Mars in Port Louis for horse racing on Saturdays. It is one of the oldest horse racing places in the world, and is still fully functioning. It’s also a popular activity among locals, but horse racing is harmful to the horses

Swimming with dolphins

Swimming with wild dolphins. In Tamarin Bay, dolphins come daily, making their way towards Le Morne throughout the day. There are so many boats everyday chasing the dolphins to let people swim as close to them as possible instead of just chilling in the water and observing the dolphins from a distance. The most sustainable way to see dolphins is to kayak around Tamarin Bay at sunrise.

Zip lines

This is purely because there have been many accidents involving zip lines in Mauritius, so I am doubtful about their safety measures. 

The underwater waterfall

A helicopter ride to see the underwater “waterfall” near Le Morne. There is no actual underwater waterfall – it’s just an optical illusion. It’s still very nice to see, but nothing like what they show in photos. You can see it from the plane if you fly to La Reunion.

Final thoughts on all the places to visit in Mauritius

This comprehensive list proves that Mauritius is more than just beaches. There’s a lot to do and see, I recommend at least 2 weeks to visit leisurely. And Mauritius has a lot of traffic and driving can be exhausting, I would suggest staying in various parts of the island rather than in just one place.

Don’t forget to brush up on your Mauritius facts to learn a bit more about this unique island. And if this article was too detailed, check out our overview of sustainable activities to do in Mauritius.

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