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New York City, the city of opportunities and a foodie’s paradise. There are so many delicious eateries available all over NYC, with cuisines from around the world. However, restaurants can be quite wasteful or not eco-friendly, but fortunately there’s a whole list of sustainable restaurants in NYC.

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Our recommendations for the best sustainable restaurants in NYC

PS kitchen

sustainable restaurants in nyc
PS Kitchen

PS Kitchen is a vegan restaurant located by 8th avenue and 48th street, just a few blocks from Central Park, Hell’s Kitchen, and Times Square. It’s been featured in Vogue, Time Out, New York Post, and CBS News. All of their profit is donated to charitable organisations, and they help to create jobs for the marginalised residents of New York City.


sustainable restaurant nyc

Situated in Greenwich Village, Villanelle is an upscale, elegant restaurant that sources their ingredients from local farmers. They ensure that they use ingredients that are in season so as to limit their carbon footprint. 

Lighthouse BK

lighthouse bk sustainable restaurant
Lighthouse BK

Lighthouse BK is in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They use locally sourced, seasonal, fresh ingredients, and they recycle and compost their waste. They also work with other similar organisations to find better ways to reduce waste.

Clay NYC

Found in Harlem right between Morningside Park and Apollo Theater, Clay represents humility and being one with the earth, hence the name “clay”. Their “from farm to table” menus change regularly according to what’s seasonally available, and they source their ingredients locally from small suppliers. 

North Fork Restaurant

north fork eco restaurant nyc
North Fork

An American bistro with a rustic setting, the North Fork restaurant in Greenwich Village makes typical American meals but also serves international cuisine from places that the owners have visited. They support local farmers and source seasonal ingredients. 

Crave Fishbar

crave fishbar eco restaurant nyc
Crave Fishbar

NYC’s first 100% sustainable seafood restaurant, Crave Fishbar is located in Midtown East, in an elegant and upscale, but warm setting. Their seafood are sustainably farmed and sourced, and they donate to the Billion Oyster Project as well as Rescuing Leftover Cuisine to feed New York residents. 

Bell Book and Candle

Located in Greenwich Village, Bell Book and Candle has a strict policy, which is to source organic, local, and sustainable ingredients. Their menu changes based on what’s available seasonally and from their aeroponic roof-top garden.

Final thoughts on sustainable restaurants in NYC

We have curated a list of eateries to filter for the most sustainable restaurants in NYC. The most important things to look for are how they source their ingredients, if their menu is seasonal, and how they manage their waste.

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