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Travel Conscious is a travel website with a focus on sustainable, green travel. In order to continuously provide free content to our readers, we use affiliate marketing, meaning that we get a commission when you purchase something listed on our website, but at no extra cost to you (e.g. a product, or a hotel booking, etc.). We also sometimes monetise the website with paid content, advertising, and sponsorship. 

We do not work with brands that we don’t personally believe in, and we only work with affiliate partners that share our values and goals about environmental sustainability and socio-cultural ethics. 

We may also be compensated for our opinions on certain products or services. However, the opinions and feedback are purely our own, and we strive to always be honest and genuine. 

That being said, any claim, quote, or concern about a product or service should be verified directly with the relevant partner. 

Cookie policy

On Travel Conscious, we and our partners use cookies: pieces of code (e.g. tags, scripts) that are stored on a device. Our cookies help us identify our users and their devices, but only for things such as IP address and geolocation. Personal individual information is not included.

This allows our website to remember information about our users’ visit, which gives us insights that helps to create more personalised content and a better experience. 

You may manage your choices about our cookies any time. 

How do we collect data from you?

  • Contact information (when you sign up to receive our newsletter; when you sign up to download our ebooks; when you contact us; if you join one of our communities or forums, or interact with us on social media platforms). When you leave your email address, you are giving us consent to use it to send you relevant information about sustainable travel (you can unsubscribe anytime). 

  • Website visit information: e.g. time spent on website, pages visited, IP address, geolocation, device used (e.g. mobile), and language used from your device. 

  • Behavioural data: for e.g. if you purchase a product or event listed on Travel Conscious, we collect information about what you bought from us.

  • If you fill out any survey from us, we might collect demographic information about you, such as gender, age, etc. 

What do we do with your data?

  • We monitor how you use our website using third parties such as google analytics. This data is usually aggregated, and your personal information is not used on an individual basis. 

  • We provide personalised content and services to you.

  • We market products and services that we feel would be of interest to you.

  • We use technology to monitor the advertisement that we show you and to measure its effectiveness. 

  • Social media: we use social media to connect with our audience and to advertise brands, products, and services that we believe in. Data from these networks are used to inform our advertising efforts and our social media strategy, but the data are anonymised and aggregated. 

This privacy notice only applies to Travel Conscious. We do have links to other websites on Travel Conscious, so we advise you to read their privacy policies on their page.

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