Facts about Norway that you need to know

A trip to Norway will be an amazing adventure regardless of your planned activities. But in order to make it even more memorable, check out the most important facts about Norway below, to get a sense of the country and its culture, and what dishes you might want to try. Before your trip, find a […]

Our curated list of the best eco hotels in Oslo

Norway is leading the way with green-certified hotels. While you’re planning your trip and looking at the most sustainable ways to explore Norway’s capital, lower your carbon footprint even more by checking into one of the best eco hotels in Oslo.  Which are the best eco hotels in Oslo and how are they sustainable? The […]

How to get from Oslo to Bergen: an eco-friendly, scenic, affordable option

Even though Norway is a relatively medium-size country, there is a lot of rugged landscape in between that is difficult to get to easily, or takes a long time. The most popular cities among visitors are Oslo, Bergen, and Tromso, and you can easily get from Oslo to Bergen, and get a once in a […]

The best eco friendly things to do in Oslo

This Scandinavian country’s reputation as being one of the top eco friendly countries in the world means there’s plenty of things to do in Oslo (Norway’s capital city) for a sustainable adventure.  PS: if you’re also visiting Bergen, read our detailed guide for how to get from Oslo to Bergen (or vice versa). Don’t forget […]

Fun facts about Italy (plus cultural etiquette)

Italy has had an incredible influence on Western culture (and still does), not just for its cuisine, but also for its Renaissance art, its architecture, its impact on the fashion world, and its charming cities and villages such as Venice, Cinque Terre, and Amalfi.  It would not be fair to Italy to generalise its culture, […]

Which are the best eco hotels in Rome and why?

A sustainable trip to Rome means finding the best eco friendly things to do, but also eco accommodations. While Italy’s Eternal City has a way to go in terms of its sustainability efforts, we nonetheless toured the city to find you the best eco hotels in Rome. We narrowed down our list to only three […]

Cultural things to do in Rome for an eco-friendly trip

Rome, nicknamed the Eternal City, is one of the oldest cities in Europe. There’s so much to see in Rome, so why not take the sustainable route to discover the best cultural things to do in Rome? Due to its historical importance, ancient monuments, architectural wonders, and of course, delicious Italian cuisine, Rome has quickly […]

The best green hotels in Lisbon

Portugal’s advances and awards in eco tourism make it even more enticing to visit, aside from the main reasons that people visit: gorgeous coastlines, delicious pastries, fresh seafood, and historical and cultural exploration.  The efforts that Portugal has placed in becoming a greener country is seen clearly in its capital city, in its eco-friendly shops, […]

Best things to do in Lisbon: your sustainable guide

In 2019, Portugal was awarded the Best European Destination for Sustainable Tourism by ITB, thanks to its efforts in reducing the negative impacts of tourism. But that’s not the only thing that Portugal’s got going for it. A rich culture full of history, the freshest seafood, long coastlines, and calming green natural landscapes are just […]

Fun facts about Portugal to read before your trip

Portugal offers so much: sun, sea, surf, seafood, and a bunch of other things that don’t start with s, like delicious wine, friendly people, and a chill lifestyle. Most visitors have an idea of what they want to see in Portugal, so instead of a list of things to do, here are some fun facts about […]

Norway travel tips: how to budget for Norway

Norway has so much to offer: whale watching, winter sport activities, fjord cruises, and more. However, it’s no secret that Norway is expensive. In this guide, we provide you with Norway travel tips for an affordable adventure with tips for how to budget for Norway. (But don’t forget to book your eco-friendly hotel in Oslo). […]

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