The 4 best hotels in New York City with a positive impact

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With so many hotels to choose from in this big city, why not go for one of the best green hotels in New York City that focus on sustainability? There are a number of eco friendly hotels in New York that focus on proper waste management, reduction of water and energy consumption, protection of the environment, and minimising their carbon footprint in general. All while providing comfort and luxury to their guests.

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The best hotels in New York City for a minimum environmental footprint

There are a lot of hotels around the world that claim to be sustainable, but it’s important to cut through the greenwashing noise. We’ve gone through a long list of options and narrowed down the list to four green hotels in New York City that are clear and transparent in their sustainability efforts. 

70 Park Avenue Hotel

70th park avenue hotel best hotels in new york city
70th Park Avenue Hotel

This elegant, award-winning 4* hotel is part of the Iberostar hotel group, and is located right in the middle of Manhattan. The hotel is a few blocks away from Grand Central Station, the Chrysler Building, and the Empire State Building, and there are plenty of restaurants, bars, and other amenities around. The hotel also offers a fitness centre and meeting rooms.

Why is 70 Park Avenue Hotel special?

70 Park Avenue Hotel is an ideal green accommodation if you plan on discovering Manhattan on foot, as major landmarks are within walking distance. However, the subway is also close by, allowing you to explore the rest of New York easily. 

But despite its central position in the middle of the city, the hotel’s location in the Murray Hill neighbourhood provides a chill, calm vibe. 

70 Park Avenue Hotel’s eco features

The hotel group has a global commitment called Wave of Change, which focuses on circular economy, responsible tourism, and ocean conservation. 

  • Seafood is sourced only from sustainable fisheries and farms.
  • The hotel plans on being waste free by 2025 and carbon neutral by 2030.
  • Promote marine and coastal health by restoring coral reefs and mangrove ecosystems.
  • No single-use plastic packaging.

Check out 70 Park Avenue Hotel here. 

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

1 hotel brooklyn bridge
1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

This pet-friendly 5* hotel is in Brooklyn right on the waterfront and East River, facing Manhattan. It’s a sophisticated, modern hotel with a sleek design and lots of greenery, which makes guests feel serene and renewed. 

What makes 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge special?

You just can’t beat that view. From the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, you can see the Manhattan skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge. You can work out on the terrace upstairs by the rooftop pool with a view of downtown Manhattan, or do some yoga using one of the hotel’s yoga mats. 

The hotel also offers a wellness spa, a state-of-the-art gym with training services, yoga, complimentary workout classes, meeting rooms, a rooftop pool (open only during the warmer months), a rooftop restaurant and bar, movie nights, a hair salon, and fun evenings hosted by local musicians. You can also rent out the space for a photoshoot or film shoot.

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge’s eco features

The hotel is part of the 1 Hotels group, which focuses on sustainability on all fronts: environmental, social, and economical tourism

  • Reclaimed materials (e.g. wood) used in the hotel.
  • Designed by local artists.
  • Electric Audi e-tron available to rent.
  • The hotel is LEED certified.
  • 100% carbon neutral.
  • Donation to various charities (e.g. Nature Conservancy, Housing Works, Oceanic Global).
  • Zero waste events and on-site composting.
  • No single-use plastic.
  • Energy-efficient kitchens.
  • Seasonal ingredients are ethically sourced from local farmers.
  • Focus on empowering their diverse staff.

1 Hotel Central Park

1 hotel central park
1 Hotel Central Park

Just a few steps away from the iconic Central Park, the 1 Hotel Central Park is a 5* pet-friendly hotel, and its greenery both inside and outside the hotel is rejuvenating.

What makes 1 Central Park special?

Their open-space, dynamic kitchen Jams is operated by Jonathan Waxman, the “best chef in New York”, and there’s a daily market stand where you can get fresh fruits. 

There’s also a wellness spa, a modern gym (the Field House) with classes, and spaces for meetings and events.

1 Central Park’s eco features

Similar to the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge mentioned above, 1 Central Park is part of the 1 Hotels group, known for their sustainability policies. The 1 Central Park shares various eco features with its sister hotel in Brooklyn. 

  • Recycled wood used in building the hotel.
  • Market stand selling “ugly” but perfectly edible seasonal fruits that would otherwise be thrown out.
  • The hotel is LEED certified and 100% carbon neutral.
  • Use of their electric car Audi e-tron.
  • Donation to various charities (e.g. Nature Conservancy, Housing Works, Oceanic Global).
  • Events that are zero-waste, and on-site composting.
  • No single-use plastic.
  • Energy-efficient kitchens.
  • Seasonal ingredients sourced from local farmers.
  • Empowered diverse staff.

Stay at 1 Hotel Central Park.

The Benjamin Hotel

the benjamin hotel
The Benjamin Hotel

The Benjamin Hotel is an upscale, 4* hotel in Midtown East, within walking distance from Rockefeller Centre and Grand Central Station. The hotel was specifically designed to create an atmosphere of relaxation but with elegance. There are all types of accommodations available at the Benjamin Hotel: from hotel rooms to luxury suites with kitchenettes and outdoor terraces. 

What makes the Benjamin Hotel special?

The hotel was featured on CBS for their Rest and Renew program by sleep medicine expert Dr. Rebecca Robbins. The program provides the optimal peaceful sleep experience with the help of specific tools and solutions such as meditation apps, a variety of pillows, sleep masks, noise machine, ear plugs, etc.  

You can also have complimentary access to the latest books for some bedside reading, in the form of audio books, e-books, physical books, etc. There’s a 24hr fitness centre, a laundry service, and the hotel is pet friendly.  

The Benjamin Hotel’s eco features

The hotel has an Environmentally Friendly program to minimise their carbon footprint and be socially responsible. This includes:

  • Energy-efficient lighting.
  • No single-plastic bathroom products.
  • A recycling program.
  • Low-flow fixtures.

Check the rates at the Benjamin Hotel.

Our final thoughts on the best hotels in New York City

There are many so-called green hotels in New York, but after checking them out and filtering through, it was easy to see which ones really are sustainable. The top 4 mentioned above stood out, and we would recommend staying there for a more eco experience in New York.

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