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In order to minimise our carbon footprint when travelling, numerous brands have focused their efforts on creating eco friendly travel products and gear. Below are our top brand recommendations for various sustainable travel products so you can enjoy your trip guilt-free and reduce your environmental impact.


paravel eco friendly travel products
Photo by Paravel

Suitcases and duffel bags are necessary travel equipment. Unfortunately, most are rarely produced in a sustainable manner, break easily, and then sit in a landfill for years to come. Thankfully there are sustainable, durable options. 

An eco friendly travel brand for luggage is Paravel. Their stylish Aviator luggage is made of recycled materials and offers a fancy and classy look. Their production process ensures social responsibility such as fair wages, no child labour, and no harming of animals. 


eco friendly products patagonia
Patagonia backpack

Patagonia is a top sustainable travel brand, and offers a variety of sizes and styles. Their line of eco friendly travel products include weather-resistant backpacks made of recycled materials. Everything in Patagonia is produced in an ethical way, and they donate 1% of their sales to environmental protection and restoration. 

Packing cubes

eagle creek eco friendly packing cube
Photo by Eagle Creek

Preserve space in your luggage and keep your things organised by using packing cubes. Eagle Creek produces washable and durable packing cubes made from recycled materials. They are also water resistant, meaning liquids won’t seep through the packing cubes to damage your clothes.

Reusable bamboo water bottle

resuable water bottle eco friendly product
Sol Terra’s reusable bamboo water bottle

Reduce your plastic waste by bringing a reusable water bottle rather than buying bottles of water. Insulated water bottles are a great idea because they keep your water cold on those hot summer days, and keep your coffee and tea warm for long road trips and hikes.

Sol Terra is an eco-conscious shop based in the US, and they are very careful about the materials they use in their products, using recycled plastic (RPET), hemp, or 100% organic cotton, and natural ingredients. Their reusable bamboo water bottle is BPA-free, has an insulated food-grade stainless steel interior, and can contain 17 ounces of liquid (500 ml). It comes with a removable tea strainer too.

Natural lotion bar

eco friendly natural lotion bar
Lotion bar by Sol Terra

Keeping your skin hydrated when travelling is so important. Sol Terra’s natural lotion bar comes in 4 flavours, and each tube contains 2.7 ounces (79 ml) of solid lotion. They have an easy application via push-up tubes, contain natural ingredients such as locally sourced beeswax, do not contain any chemicals, are organic, and are biodegradable.

Natural bug-repellent balm

natural bug-repellent bug balm
Sol Terra’s natural bug-repellent bug balm

What’s worse than getting eaten alive by bugs and mosquitoes? A chemically-heavy, unpleasant, and harmful bug-repellent spray.

Choose a natural bug-repellent bug balm instead, one that smells good, is better for your skin and the environment, was never tested on animals, and still works great. Sol Terra’s natural bug-repellent balm has great reviews.

Our final thoughts on eco friendly travel products

There are plenty of sustainable travel products out there, and it’s easy to get lost in the sea of it all. Our list above is a short list of the most basic things we need when travelling, so we hope this guides you in your sustainable travel journey as a traveller.  

Now that you’ve chosen your eco friendly travel products, choose your next destination from our list of 11 sustainable cities to travel to.

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